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Originally Posted by EvenSteven View Post
You are right about that. But as soon as Spott gets word that Gibson is back, he has to move Frankie as long as there is good return for him. I would prefer to have both here all year and then have Frankie do the duties the year after as an OA, but Frankie wants to start - and should be given the opportunity to start next year as he's earned it. Not only that, if we're going for it, Frankie is an asset that has to be used in trade to get us as strong as possible.

What Spott has to do is not waste the asset that Frankie is, the way he did Josh Unice a few years ago. Spott held out for more for way too long only to see his stock drop, other teams get goalies elsewhere, etc, to the point where he wasn't much more than a throw in in the deal to Windsor for Maxwell. Rumor had it that at the start of the 08-09 season, Windsor offered Justin Shugg even up for Unice but Spott wanted much more. That's a rumor though - never confirmed.

If Spott tries to wait until the trade deadline, he may be caught with his pants down the way Owen Sound did this year in being unable to move OA G-Scott Stajcer. And we don't have to bring up the Mavric Parks fiasco, do we?
I agree with your last 2 posts. Rangers need to make a lot of moves to compete with London next year. Like you said, AA is a top 6 forward on 18 of the 20 teams in the league this year and can't even get into the lineup unless someone is injured! He did play tonight and got another point. I mentioned it earlier, but if he is on the block come seasons end, I'd love to see him in a Ranger uniform. Can't see it happening, but London will be looking for D and possibly a goaltender!

Plymouth should be strong again next year too! West is going to be strong as always again next year!

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