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03-22-2006, 11:40 AM
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Equipment Help--Goalie Noob

Sry if this is a repeat, I've seen the other threads but they were kinda old and didn't answer all my questions.

Ok, well the situation is we have no goalie for our next session of adult ice hockey. I was thinking of filling in. I've played some street and roller hockey goalie before. But I was looking for some pads, low cost(though I did get my tax returns and we have a posible sponsor) since idk if I'm really committed to playing goal(most likely just here and there). What are the essentials?...pads, chest protector, blocker, glove, stick, and pants is what I'm thinking. Was gonna slap a cage on my helmet and figure using normal skates for now would be ok.

What size would the chest protector be? Medium shoulder=medium chest protector? And are the gloves and blockers pretty much all the same size? I got smallish hands and use 12"-13" gloves when I play winger or D. Any recommendations? I play a mix of stand up and butterfly so idk if that has an effect on pads. Trying to get an idea of what to look for before I head off to the shop, or if I figure what I want, I might just order and search eBay. I saw you guys mention the DR stuff. I saw some cheap Gear, Tour, and Itech stuff, any experience with that? Are there any package deals out there?


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