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05-09-2012, 09:32 PM
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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
So this years excuse is a hot goalie and the bounces just didn't go our way. I love it. Every year it's something new as to why we don't advance or move forward. What's next year going to be, well, we lost Suter and a bunch of guys to free agency so it was more of a rebuild year for us but hey, we still made the playoffs?

Maybe it was the stars weren't aligned properly. Maybe it was the guys on the ice had a layoff and weren't prepared to play. Maybe our coach didn't change his strategy to figure out how to get around 5 guys getting in front of Smith and playing great team defense? Maybe it was our PP gone sour. At the end of the day it's just excuses. We got beat by a better team. Talent wise I think on paper we are better but Phoenix played a great team game. We didn't. We didn't have 20 guys on the bench each night buying into what got us there. Whether it's the players or the coaches blame, it doesn't matter. We're not watching hockey right now because of it.
I'm not watching hockey right now because there are no games on. I was a few minutes ago.

The Yotes beat us. They took advantage of their chances while our players didn't. We had a strategy that put our players in positions to succeed. Fisher had chances. Hornqvist had chances. Wilson had chances. Hell, even Yip had chances. Unless you expect the staff to walk out and score for them, all the coaches can do is put players on the ice in situations to do well. That happened repeatedly.

Of course, calling this season a debacle is laughable. This was a team where our own fans wrote us off before the puck dropped to start the season, and only doubled down on that position in the first four weeks of the season. "We don't deserve a win" ... "fail for nail" ... somehow always turn into "why the ##### didn't we win the Cup" (paraphrased).

A debacle of an over 100 point season. A debacle of 43 ROW. A debacle of a playoff series win over the Wings. That's the equivalent of going to the club and gettting a 9.5 to leave with us and moaning that the Victoria's Secret models didn't.

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