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05-09-2012, 09:59 PM
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Originally Posted by hckyplayer8 View Post
Lets think...maybe because those players carried the workload for 99% of the season?

Even when Bryz was "on" he was still letting in at least 3 goals per game.

So yeah, naturally that is killer when your offense is worn out/struggling and are playing average.
He let in 3 or more goals in 24 out of 57 starts this season. And when he was "on" (March) he had 3 games out of 15 where he let in 3 or more goals.

Tim Thomas let in 3 more goals 24 out of 55 starts this season.

Roberto Luongo let in 3 or more goals 25 out of 54 starts this season.

Hank Lundqvist let in 3 or more goals 21 out of 62 starts.

Pekka Rinne let in 3 or more goals 29 out of 72 starts.

Jonathan Quick let in 3 or more goals 23 out of 69 starts.

Bryz seems on par. He's not better than Quick, Rinne, or Hank for sure. His catastrophic games are skewing it for you.

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