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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
From everything I have read, the NHLPA is much more unified this time around. The players believe they gave into the owners last time, so I can't see them doing it again. I will be pretty shocked if the revenue percentage they agree on goes down very much, unless other concessions are made. Remember, the NHLPA was vehemently opposed to a cap, and they gave the owners their cap AND rollbacks.

Also, Fehr doesn't have to do much to turn the owners on each other in regards to revenue sharing, as the big boys are not happy with the current system.

In '04' the owners were able to manipulate the media and turn the public on the players, making them the scapegoats of the lockout. With Twitter and blogging as big as it is now, the players can garner much more public support than last time.
There will always be concessions, in this case we already know that Sochi is one bargaining chip for the league. Last night on RDS, Fehr mentioned expansion talks as part of this CBA and that would be a HUGE bargaining chip for the league. By connecting the dots, the players give the league the lower percentage that the league is after in exchange for the creation of 45-50 new jobs for union members.

And as an aside, Bettman agrees with Fehr concerning more revenue sharing. I have already read a couple different, very creative ways of handling revenue sharing. Obviously we are just speculating and labor negotiations can be difficult to predict, but there is a deal to be made here. I just firmly believe that it's going to be near 50% for the players, I can respect that you don't think that because I've read the same or similar quotes and articles about the union, I simply won't believe them until I see them.... time will tell.

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