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Originally Posted by Top 6 Spaling View Post
We are really witnessing a huge split in our fanbase right now. Half of us are fine with being consistently in the playoffs and having a shot at the cup every year, albeit an outside one. The other half are demanding change, which could bring us to the next level or crush us into a total rebuild.

Just because I think what we are doing now has us on the right path to the cup doesn't mean i "can't speak in anything other than excuses". It just means I understand that Trotz gives us a better shot at being competitive than any other available coach.
You know this how? There isn't one coach out there that could be better than Trotz? Are you limiting that statement to guys who have coached in the NHL before or anybody? If it's ones with NHL experience you may be correct but if it's anybody, I find it hard to believe there isn't an up and coming coach somewhere that could get the same results or better results than Trotz. McLean did pretty good with an Ottawa team that was destined to be a cellar dweller. Dineen did ok with a cast of retreads. I just think it's short sighted that we automatically assume there isn't anyone else out there that can do this job. Remember, Trotz was a guy with no track record and he did ok right? So tell me there isn't another guy out there like Trotz because I find it hard to believe there isn't anyone out there that is capable.

Here's the thing, we can keep Trotz and three things can happen, we progress, stay stagnant or fall behind the curve. If we hire a new coach those same three can happen. There is no guarantee Trotz will keep up his current pace, progress or fail. Same could be said about a new coach.

I'm going to ask a question and it's something to ponder for the Trotz supporters, at what point should he be replaced? I'm not saying, he should be gone tomorrow because I know that's not going to happen but at what point, as a hockey fan or as a GM or as a group of owners do you go, we need to change the coach? What is going to be that point for some or all of you? That may help me see where you're coming from a little bit more. Fair question? Looking forward to the response.

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