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Originally Posted by CoyoteSoldier View Post
Thinking of the blue collar approach of the Coyotes, it gave me a lot of motivation tonight. Typical of the Infantry we walk everywhere, and our company did a 20 mile road march with 80 lbs on our backs. A lot of Coyotes fans up here in Fort Drum (they send a lot of Arizonans up here to the 10th Mountan Division). I know it's kind of meaningless, and definetly of topic. But thanks Yotes for that little extra motivation to never quit.
WOW! Great comments CoyoteSoldier!! Thank you for everything you do to support our great country. There is NOTHING meaningless about anything about your comments in any way!! That's always on topic!

Glad the Yotes are motivating you. It's great to see this great TEAM helping another great TEAM!!

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