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05-10-2012, 12:36 AM
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mediocre bryz

i know this is old news but i will never be able to figure out why the flyers ever went after bryzgalov in the first place-ok i know they were pissed that they had not received standout playoff goaltending since hextall-but bryzgalov? after he had just bombed in the playoffs to detroit? that should have COST him millions,not made him millions! and his attitude about that debacle was that he obviously did not give a s#%t!! leighton and boucher were both gone for giving up bad goals and they signed the goalie most renowned for giving up softies?i saw him play for phoenix and i saw him play in the olympics and what i saw is what we got,a goalie that could not be counted on -period. and as far as winning a stanley cup i really dont think he cares one way or the other, he is in the nhl for one reason -money.i hope and pray the flyers can figure out what to do about their goaltending-i dont know how jeff reese still has a job and bobrovsky is horribly inconsistent,if they are stuck w/bryzgalov at the very least they need to get rid of bobrovsky and get the best goalie they can if they want to be better next year.i cant stand another year of feeling sick to my stomach every time the other team steps over our blueline and gets ready to take a shot.

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