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Originally Posted by nik jr View Post
i see 2 main explanations of that.

1. gadsby got scored on very much and was not very effective in controlling play.
2. gadsby's teams had truly terrible coaching and depth, despite the small number of teams and smaller rosters, which i think casts doubt on the quality of the O6.
Gadsby spent his entire prime playing for two extremely weak O6 franchises. The talent disparity/imbalance during Gadsby's era was extreme. It is difficult to do a fair numerical analysis when you realize that Gadsby's teams were going up against superior opponents at least 80% of the time and vastly superior opponents at least 40% of the time. When Gadsby was traded from the Hawks to the Rangers, the league was basically broken down like so:


The Gadsby trade didn't fundamentally alter the balance of the league, especially when one considers the players who went back to Chicago (a 28 year old Allan Stanley being the main piece). I think criticizing Gadsby on the grounds that his presence didn't fundamentally alter the fortunes of those two clubs shows a misunderstanding of the reality of hockey at that time. First of all, it wasn't a particularly imbalanced trade, and second, the clubs remained exactly where they have previously been in the NHL pecking order in terms of talent on the ice. The gaps in competitive balance at that time were too vast for one trade of that kind to produce much of a shift.

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