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05-10-2012, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Huffer View Post
I'm not saying that he WILL, I'm saying that I think you are making a bigger deal out of him leaving than there is IMO.

If he's under contract that's one thing. If he wasn't under contract and was contacted by the Habs, I do think he might explore that opportunity.

IF he doesn't have a contract, I can certainly see the appeal to working for the Habs for a guy born in Laval.

Are you trying to say that there is no difference between possibly working for the Habs, and working for the Jets for a guy from Laval?
You seem confused. I'm not the one making a big deal out of the possibility of his leaving, in fact, I'm the one saying that to even consider that it might occur is fairly naive.

The Habs are most likely NOT going to hire this guy as their head coach as he has but one year of NHL experience and their GM is a rookie; they'll go with experienced personnel. They aren't going to hire him as an assistant coach either, as NHL teams do not as a rule contact another teams regarding personnel for what amounts to a lateral move. GMs do indeed grant permission to talk to their coaches so they don't stand in the way of promotion. Whether or not he is from Laval is moot. A move from assistant coach to assistant coach does not represent promotion, regardless of the cachet that a position with the Habs might represent to a guy from Laval.

To summarize, we are talking about a first year assistant coach in the NHL. He isn't going to walk away voluntarily after one year from the team that gave him his break in the league for what amounts to a lateral move, nor will the Habs contact the Jets if he is only under consideration for an assistant coaching position. To think they'd hire him as head coach seems the longest of long-shots. To argue otherwise defies logic and is engaging in semantics, is basically arguing for the sake of it.

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