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Originally Posted by EvenSteven View Post
We're going to need a lot more than one explosive forward brought into our top six if we want to try and win a championship next year.

Spott says he expects/hopes that our youth will replace our lost offense with the graduation of Catenacci and Randell.

Lets take a look at our youth up front. Quick example: Going into the final game vs London, our bottom six young players who Spott hopes will step up next year (Pederson, Sterk, Francisco, Lesway, Meighan, & Grant) were a collective 75 GP (man games) and scored a total of 4pts between them in these past playoffs.

Remember, some of these guys saw a lot of icetime playing with pretty good players since we were not a deep team and had no other choice but to turn to them for offense. These players are all 95's and 94's except for Grant and Francisco who are 93's but also from the bottom six. I'm excluding Faksa and Marcantuoni because they weren't considered bottom six this year.

London, on the other hand, had two frequent healthy scratches these playoffs in Athaniasou and Welychka. Collectively, those two players played a total of 12 GP between them but put up 6 pts.

And they were the scratches when everyone else is healthy!!!

We have a lot of work to do up front before we can be considered a top contender next year!
I was saying that even if Rieder and Faksa (explosive forwards) come back that we still need another top scoring forward (explosive). I don't consider Randell and Thomson explosive scoring forwards but they are important in the top two lines to create space and crash the net. And lets face it, there isn't alot of trade bait around to acquire such a forward. I think we can get one but two may be too much to give and still contend.

I think if we can get a Sgarbossa, Pearson or Cousins type of player and give up a package of some combination of a Young/Genovese/Gilbert along with some of our younger forwards with potential...Ming/Meighan/Lorentz it may get a deal done. We always seem to have a shortage of draft picks, so we shouldn't be so eager to hand those out. We also have other assests in Peca or ZAR that may be looking for more than Kitchener may be wanting to hand them (better education packages, NTC...) that their rights could be included in a deal.

There are other players I would like to see here to like Gemel Smith or AA(mentioned above) that may not cost as much but don't want to deal with a division rival.

I still think we need a gritty PWF on the second line and I don't know if Pedersen is the guy. So I think another deal will be made but it wont cost as much. Also would like to see an OA on D to solidify the back end. But again, these are not explosive forwards that will cost us as much and I think we have the assets to acquire these types of players easier.

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