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Originally Posted by Captain Hook View Post
I will never get the move him to the wing argument. He hasn't shown that he can just move over there and be a stud winger. Maybe he can or maybe he can't. Why even waste time trying to figure that out when you can just get a stud winger for him in trade? Not saying I want him traded. I'd keep him if the price is right, but he'd be kept to maintain the 3 center model and maybe some spot duty on the wing or 2nd line C when Malkin moves over to the wing for a shift or two. Otherwise I'd trade him for a winger or a big, young, all around D-Man.
Since his rookie year, how many shifts has Staal taken on Malkin's LW?

Originally Posted by Captain Hook View Post
We just disagree. I don't buy that every center can be a good winger or that Staal can just move over and be a great winger. Maybe a lot of them can, but not all. We surely would have used him much more on the wing in his career if he could actually do that. He just hasn't shown much on the wing outside of one stretch of games as a rookie close to 6 years ago.

Anyway, It still makes no sense to play him or Malkin on the wing. I'd rather just take the stud winger we'd likely get in trade for Staal in that scenario. I'd actually prefer to keep the 3 center model going, but that may not be possible financially.
See my question above. The answer is NONE. And, what's really sad in all of these so and so plays with so and so is that the only combination that hasn't actually been tried since 2007 is the one that was the best out of all the two out of Sid, Geno, and Staal combos . . . namely, Geno at C and Staal on his LW.

Originally Posted by JTG View Post
I think he would play wing, but you have to be creative about how you use him. Having him play wing in the defensive zone is a waste of a Selke caliber forward.
The answer is with Malkin and you let them work it out like Malkin and Talbot worked it out. It's not natural to have two guys working as hybrid C/W. But, sometimes it's workable-- even more than that-- when you've got two guys who have a natural chemistry together. That's always been Malkin and Staal. I prefer more of Malkin at C (and think the combo works better that way), but I think the guy with the perfect answer about the whole 'how to use Staal' question was Staal himself, when he said he didn't know, ask the coaches. The real answer is that Bylsma doesn't have a ******* clue. If he did, Staal would've been tried with Malkin and Neal-- for even one shift-- after Sid came back.

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