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05-10-2012, 08:48 AM
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Originally Posted by deanwormer View Post
Dear Ryan - be careful in those big markets, you've proven you have zero media skills.

Been fun watching you from draft day to being recognized as the top 10 Dman you are. You've known for a long time you weren't gonna' be back - that's fine, but you shouldn't have lied to Poile or the fans. Don't do it in your next stop.

You'll get my cheers in the tribute video, but I hope Shea buries you in a corner right after.
here is the main reason people are irritated with Suter..... and his lack of play since the all star game..

you won't get my cheers in a tribute video... frankly, I think this stupid tribute videos are ridiculous... you don't cheer someone just because they have "worked" for you and have come back to "work" against you.... ridiculous...

if suter had won the cup with us and then come back, maybe a tribute video for being part of an amazing feat....
but he's had no amazing feat with us, nothing except playing with us for a handful of years....
that's it, just a player that played and left...... I think the tribute videos for anything other than extraordinary are lame and bush league...
The only one that was warranted was for Vokoun..... he was committed to us and liarpold did that to him...

so, since you did lie..... i hope you end up in an enormous media market and have tons of attention on your play and your life....

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