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05-10-2012, 10:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
The problem is, on here, once fans or a group of fans get in their head that player X sucks or Player Y has to be traded, it's impossible to reason with them.

Sure Kaberle didn't play his best hockey with us, but to suggest that there is no way he can return to production that justifies 4.25 mil or more is ridiculous and irrational. If you piece together coming in out of shape and with a cup hangover, not hard to see why he had a down year, but those things can be fixed...most pro athletes are proud and will work twice as hard after a down year to bounce back.
I don't think anybody has suggested that. Well, maybe I just gloss over those posts and they don't really register in my head. But to me, even though I am a stolid proponent of moving Kaberle and Bourque, it's by no means because I think there's "no way" they can return to form/live up to their salary/notably help our team. It's never so absolute.

But I do think that based on the recent precedents they've set by their level of play, the odds of it happening are not good enough for me. I don't, for example, *expect* Kaberle or Bourque to play well for us. I'd be pleasantly surprised if they did. And I do agree it's possible. Just that if I had a choice between players for whom it's "possible-yet-not-expected" and players who I'd actually expect to play well/live up to their salary/help our team notably, I'd take the latter.

And that includes full recognition that players you *expect* to do well could also falter and fail to live up to those expectations. It goes all ways. It's just playing the odds as we see them, though.

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