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Originally Posted by Stewie G View Post
Considering the low scoring in the NHL playoffs, luck is always going to play a larger role that it does it most other sports.

The goaltender interference calls against Philly and Montreal were brutal, but the one thing that sticks out to me is how the Caps got absolutely 0 bounces off of all of the blocked shots by the Habs. I don't remember a single instance of the puck taking a lucky bounce like the one on the Seidenberg goal or Staal goal or having a puck bounce off of someone's skates and right to a waiting player like on the Chimera goal last night. If they replay that series 5 times, the Caps likely win all 5 of them.

Injuries also play a large role considering how physical the game is and how many series each team has to play to make it to the Finals. So far the Caps appear to be doing well in that regard as well.

I sure hope the luck holds. IMO, their style of play seems to require its fair share to be successful.
When you give up enough of those shots, one ping ponging through is not really luck, it's a statistical likelihood. What happened to us in '10 NOT getting any of those was bad luck.

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