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05-10-2012, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Zirakzigil View Post
I will enjoy the day he is signed to a new contract so we can forget all of this trading him talk. Hes one of the best forwards on this team and has proven that he can contribute both as an elite defensive center and a scoring forward. Cant ask for anymore from a player.
He has proven that he can contribute either as an elite defensive center or a scoring forward. he's never shown that he can do both at the same time.

Originally Posted by Zirakzigil View Post
I would gladly pay Staal 5.5mil a year. I hope that because of the last contract he got that he would take slightly less then that and sign for around 5.0mil but 5.5 is good value for what he brings to this team.
5.5 would be an absolute steal. Every cent he gets below 6.5 is him taking a discount on what he'll get as a UFA. If we can't get a discount, I don't know if we can keep him. You can't pay 6 mil for a 3rd line center and I don't think he's a 6 million dollar winger. That's something that would have been nice to test a little more before we got to this situation.

Originally Posted by Zirakzigil View Post
Staal is not a 7mil player. Maybe if he hit UFA but even then hes not. He is not close to the Stamkos, Thornton, Backstrom range of center. His value is closer to Kesler. The CBA will almost certainly drop the salary cap and with it probably come with another salary rollback. Even a player like Mike Richards, who in my opinion is a better all round center at this time then Staal, is only making 5.7mil in his contract.
I agree that he isn't on the level with those guys, but contract inflation has been pretty insane the last few years. Based on the signings of the last two years Staal could get 6.5 from some good teams and he could probably break 7 from a team that wants him to be their premiere center. Though a change to the CBA could change things.

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