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05-10-2012, 09:53 AM
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Originally Posted by laufer72 View Post
I think you are grossly missing the point. It's not about me or anyone "ranting", it's about priorities and making tough decisions. I would be severely disappointed if your scenario happens, which would mean mine follows it. I'm 90% convinced, Malkin leaves if he's forced to play wing.
I'm sure Shero will talk to Malkin before he signs Staal with plans to play center. If Malkin says no, he wants to stay at center you have to do something else with Staal. If Malkin wants to play center, you let him play center. If that means you have to trade Staal, so be it. I think we can get a better player for 6 million dollars than Staal at wing.

The point I think jig is trying to make is that the Penguins would be a better team with Staal centering Malkin than it would be with Malkin center Staal. He isn't saying that we should do that if its going to push Malkin out the door.

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