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Originally Posted by Zirakzigil View Post
Staal is not a 7mil player. Maybe if he hit UFA but even then hes not. He is not close to the Stamkos, Thornton, Backstrom range of center. His value is closer to Kesler. The CBA will almost certainly drop the salary cap and with it probably come with another salary rollback. Even a player like Mike Richards, who in my opinion is a better all round center at this time then Staal, is only making 5.7mil in his contract.
So, what you're saying then is that Staal, even though he could earn 1.5M a season more if he waited for free agency, should just resign with the Pens for under 6M on July 1 because Sid and Geno and Orpik took discounts (even though all took smaller discounts, significantly smaller in terms of percentage of dollars left on the table and even smaller in absolute dollars than Sid or Geno), because it would be best for the Pens if he took less than 6M, and because it should be HFBoards fans, not the market, that dictates a player's value. Do I have that right?

There's a reason why people say that Staal has nothing to lose and everything to gain by NOT signing an extension with the Pens for under 6M (perhaps even under 6.5M), and, in case you missed it, I just articulated it above.

Originally Posted by Captain Hook View Post
I don't think it matters if he's really a 7 million dollar player or not. Someone will pay him crazy money like that. I have little doubt. The crazy UFA market got Colby Armstrong 3 million/per a while back. Many other examples of this too.
This is why I said that I'd be absolutely stunned if Staal signed for 5.5M (and even a little shocked if he signed for 6.25M). It's one thing to leave money on the table. Sid, Geno, and Orpik all probably could have gotten 15% more than they accepted on the open market. But, asking Staal to take 5.5M when he could get 7M+ means you're asking him to leave 25-30% on the table for what could be the biggest contract of his career (and it's not his second contract like Sid or Geno). I just can't see that. If he's willing to leave 15% on the table versus what he could get, then you're looking at 6.2M. At least that I could see, although it would depend on how much the question of his role factors into things for him.

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