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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
He has proven that he can contribute either as an elite defensive center or a scoring forward. he's never shown that he can do both at the same time.

5.5 would be an absolute steal. Every cent he gets below 6.5 is him taking a discount on what he'll get as a UFA. If we can't get a discount, I don't know if we can keep him. You can't pay 6 mil for a 3rd line center and I don't think he's a 6 million dollar winger. That's something that would have been nice to test a little more before we got to this situation.

I agree that he isn't on the level with those guys, but contract inflation has been pretty insane the last few years. Based on the signings of the last two years Staal could get 6.5 from some good teams and he could probably break 7 from a team that wants him to be their premiere center. Though a change to the CBA could change things.
I think this is the thing that it really boils down to. Staal taking low 6M would be a gift to the Pens comparable to the percentage of dollars that Sid and Geno left on the table (perhaps even more if you consider that Staal would be doing it on his third contract, not his second). But, you can't pay Staal 6M and slide arguably the best center in hockey to the wing to accommodate him. I mean, you can do those things . . . you can pay Staal over 6M, you can force Malkin to play wing, but it's something that won't work beyond 24 months at most when you consider the cap implications and what could then evolve as the potential risk of losing Malkin.

And, this, in the end, is why I think Shero LISTENS to offers for Staal. He's not selling him cheap or, for that matter, even if a fair deal. No chance whatsoever. If someone doesn't step to the plate with a Richards+ return, then he'll just give Staal the money it will take and deal with the headaches that will come in a year or two later. BUT, if someone steps up with that premium offer, then I think he weighs the pros and cons and moves Staal.

Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
I'm not missing any point... you are missing my original point.

For those who want Staal back, don't complain when Malkin ultimately ends up at wing.

Malkin is easily the better winger by a mile.

I keep pointing out that Recchi and Cullen, much better players than Staal, were traded and it worked out well.

As long as this team has Malkin and Crosby they will be contenders. Elite teams over the years have been built around the two center model, and the Pens have the best combo in the league.
See above. I think you're pretty much on the same page as me. Shero won't give Staal away, but, like Patrick with Recchi or Cullen, if that great deal comes along, then he'll move Staal. At the very least, he'll be listening.

By the way, I still say if he says 'I'm listening', then a deal happens. Minnesota, Carolina, and Toronto. Buffalo, maybe Columbus and Nashville. I'm sure Calgary will try, maybe Winnipeg. When all is said and done, I think Shero gets a dozen teams minimum make more than superficial inquiries and a minimum of 4-5 Richards caliber offers. The key will be to squeeze those teams for the premium. I still think Toronto steps up (just a gut feeling), although I wonder about Rutherford. I've always wondered if he'd like a 'do over' from the 2006 draft when Shero asked for Ladd and Johnson for the #2 overall.

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