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05-10-2012, 10:53 AM
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[QUOTE=Ed Wood;49537175]
Originally Posted by ChocolateLeclaire View Post
If you really can't see the correlation between the career numbers Halak, Turco, Elliott, Mason and Leclaire have all put under Hitchcock's system and you honestly believe that Elliott is a better goalie than Anderson, then there really is no explanation anyone can provide to you.

I'm not crapping on him, I'm just pointing out that he's nothing more than a back-up. A back-up who put up impressive numbers in a Hitchcock system.

I can't seriously believe anyone would take Elliott over Anderson would they? I mean, look at how each performs in the playoffs and that makes any argument pointless.[/QUOTE]

Craig Anderson has never won a playoff series in his life in the NHL or in the minors while Brian Elliott won a series just this year so I don't understand your point.

Turco and Halak are great goalies but neither has come close to the numbers Elliott posted this year so, once again, your point is lost on me.
Brian Elliott did not win that Sharks series, the St. Louis Blues did. Brian Elliott however, did lose them the very next series by melting down in Game 3.

In NO world would any GM take Brian Elliott over Craig Anderson strictly based on how each performs under pressure. The book is written on Brian. He may salvage a long career in the NHL as a back-up like a Ty Conklin but he will NEVER be a legitimate starter again. He has proven that.

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