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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
Is there any reason to think he won't be "arguably the best wing in hockey" though?
Yes, the same reason Staal isn't a good winger. Frankly, I'd argue that Staal looked a lot better on Malkin's wing than Malkin ever has on Crosby's or Staal's wing.

Look, in terms of order of things that I'd love to see happen, it's this:

1. Shero dumps Martin and Orpik. He moves Orpik in a deal for Stewart, Martin and TK in a deal for Malone. Then, he trades his first for Kulemin. I'd have three lines of Kunitz-Sid-Neal, Malone-Geno-Kulemin, and Tangradi-Staal-Stewart. I'd roll three lines, not specify any one as a 'defensive line', have Sid and Geno kills penalties, and make Cooke-Vitale-Dupuis a fourth line that rarely plays at big times. All told, those deals are a cap wash. Following summer, I'd move Michalek, maybe even Malone if need be if I needed cap space. IMO, this is a workable 4-5 year plan.

2. I sign Staal for 6M and put him with Malkin and Neal and hope Geno and Staal can work out a hybrid C/W deal like Geno and Talbot had. I actually think they might be able to do that. The problem is that *** clown Bylsma NEVER ******* tried Staal, Malkin, and Neal together once with all that ******* around he did with the lines after Sid came back.

3. I listen to offers for Staal and, if there's a Richards plus a premium return, then I trade Staal.

4. I permanently move Malkin to wing to make Staal the 2C.

Choice one probably is the best of the lot but won't happen. Martin could be moved, but Shero would move neither Orpik nor his first. Choice two is what could happen, but, no matter what management and coaches might say about that after Staal were signed, you know how it would work out in the end. Choice three is most likely, IMO, not because Shero is going to be looking to deal Staal, but instead because I think he's going to listen and what he's going to hear is a cattle call that turns into a bidding war the likes of which we haven't seen in a long, long time.

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