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05-10-2012, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by KIRK View Post
What makes you think Malkin won't struggle there?

As I wrote before, when you look at all three of the centers, the one who looked best on the wing actually was Staal, but it was with Malkin as his center and it's something that hasn't been tried since their rookie seasons.

You know, part of me wonders how much Malkin would look forward to being the sacrificial lamb for that dumb *** Bylsma stretch pass that gets the winger up ice standing still to make a chip as he's getting pounded by two guys.

Jiggy: Question for you, since you watch the Leafs (I just put this in the buy or sell thread) . . . BUY OR SELL: BRIAN BURKE WOULD RATHER HAVE JORDAN STAAL THAN RICK NASH. Just wondering, if he's going to give up the farm, who his first target will be . . .

EDIT: I just got two BUY right out the gate. You think about what Columbus was asking for Nash, what Toronto probably would be willing to pay this summer. And, here you've got a situation where Staal's value may be in the ball park (maybe even comparable). THIS is why I think Shero listening turns into a bidding war like nothing we've seen, why Shero actually gets an overwhelming offer, and why Staal will be moved, most likely before the draft. It's not that I WANT to see him go. It's that when the best offer is considered and all the pros and cons are weighed, it will make too much sense not to pull the trigger as a hockey decision (although you never know how sentiment will factor).
I have seen Malkin at wing enough to know he will dominate there. Elite talent like him can play wing or center. Staal isn't elite.

The idea of Staal at wing makes me completely ill, then throw on top of that he will be making 6m or so, **** that.

I have said for two years now that Jeffrey is an ideal third line center. He is always around the puck, he is a crafty playmaker (one area he is better than Staal for sure) and responsible in his own end.

I would rather see him as their third center with a stacked top 6, including a true winger Staal could bring back, than see Staal struggle at wing and Malkin eventually having to move there.

You have two studs, build around them and it will all work out. No more of this ******** of them playing with third liners and guys past their prime. If Staal is gone, that makes it extremely obvious, and much more plausible they can give these two the talent around them to max out their talent (when it matters the most).

Staal is not as important to this team as people like to think... Crosby and Malkin are.

As for Burke and the Leafs, they need a top center badly. I firmly believe if he doesn't make the playoffs this season, he is gone. So that 5th overall isn't doing him much good to save his job three or four years from now. Staal is already developed and only 23 years old with the most playoff experience of anyone his age... Ever.

I think we both know what Burke will do... He claimed he will be agressive this summer so...

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