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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
I really have NO IDEA how people really do it on purpose to just not listen carefully. Do people really think that while his team is in the playoffs, that Robinson really stated that he wants to join the Habs? He will listen. Just like most people would, even the ones who wouldn't join the Habs.

The story is is that Robinson asked a few times and our brillant management didn't even want to return the call. Nothing surprising really, when Lemaire thought he had the job, he didn't know he didn't until Martin gave his press conference. Not returning the call was normal business from our classy management.

Would Robinson be interested? I guess. Was he interested? Obviously. But right now, Robinson didn't state anything as far as today is concerned. All started with a Team990 interview and then every other journalists is trying to spin it the way it's not suppose to be spinned. How the heck would a guy claim he wants an assistant-coach job when he has no idea who the coach will be and how he'll be with him?

WhiteSnake, i think it's pretty clear as to what his agent said.
He went way past the "will listen if they make an offer"!
It's to the point his agent says LARRRY WANTS to come to Montreal, but that will be up to the new coach.

"Larry would like to return to Montreal because the right people are in place, the conditions are good and because it is the right job for him," Cape said. "We know Marc Bergevin and the Molson family, these are professional people. But it will be the next coach to determine if he wants Larry."

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