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05-10-2012, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Mothra View Post
who cares about the regular season? Once the playoffs start it really doesnt matter much IMO......

Im not sure what you are asking for or complaining about though.....this is a team that bowed out easliy in the 2nd round last season, was the regular season really that hard to imagine? Add in a coaching change, losing the only legit offensive center for half the season (as well as 52 for most of it), and below average goaltending....and it just seems like its complaining just to complain....wether you agree with the way they play hockey now, that doesnt change without some discomfort
Apparently some people do care about the regular season, as they're giving the Caps more credit for being a lower seed.

I'm saying I don't care about it. They don't get more credit from me for getting this far just because they're the lower seed. They get the same amount of credit they'd get if they won the President's Trophy.

Like I said, I'm quite sure that if you could speak to Dale candidly, he'd agree with my assessment that they're far from where they need to be defensively, because of their inability to stop the cycle and clear the zone. It's something they need to fix/improve if they want to get further.

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