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05-10-2012, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
NBTW, i agree that they deserve no more credit. they are not a cinderalla team. they are a championship caliber team that lost its way and is finding themselves again.

i disagree at least to an extent on your defensive pov. the caps system in their own end is VERY conservative. they would rather the other team keep possession and remain to the outside than take any risk to gain possession.

witness how many times caps defenseman choose to hold the puck on the boards and take a hit rather than move the puck when they would appear to have time to find a play. they take the safe way out which is to just hold the puck and pin it to the boards.
I'm sure this is true, but anticipating the cycle and make smarter clearing passes would not involve taking risk. Dale and JJ don't want them constantly chasing the puck and coughing it up to the point men.

I'm actually somewhat surprised the coaching staff hasn't told the Caps to just lay off the Rags in the corners of the offensive zone, and clog the passing lanes out instead.

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