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05-10-2012, 02:47 PM
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Originally Posted by brs03 View Post
The problem I have with taking what you can and being happy with progress is I don't know if they're actually making progress.
From a macro standpoint I think you'd have to say they are if we assume Holtby isn't a fluke. They have made his job easier but he alone gives them a much better chance going forward, provided he's legit. (I don't see why not...)

Laich & Johansson are miscast in their current scoring-line roles so from a personnel standpoint there's ample room for improvement provided an honest assessment is made. If there were more capable offensive players in those spots they arguably would have had a much easier time finishing off Boston and could have made a more concerted push in gaining control of this series in Game 3. Those two in their current roles are the single biggest reason why nine more wins seems like a fairly tall order.

They are a coin flip team but they're also a team that isn't really that deep or stacked up front as many might think. They have three top-line talents, a fringe top sixer with speed in Chimera and the rest IMO is filler. That's not to say Hunter should be off the hook when it comes to possession weakness but the system itself isn't why the top six has holes in it. Those two players just don't bring enough of a possession game to the table...even at a rudimentary level.

There's much room for improvement when it comes to their composure with the puck, especially when holding onto leads. Off the glass and out works when teams are pushing at times but not when there are outlets being missed by the D due to rushed decisions. Improving that area of their game and upgrading the overall hardness/skill of the top six would better position them next season I think...assuming no unforeseen losses on D.

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