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Originally Posted by Mathradio View Post
My academic question remained without an answer. Basically I contemplate into taking these two courses:

-PPA1100 which would be helpful in dealing with issues pertaining to homework and kids' academic/intellectual development if I were to have kids one day.
-PPA1111 which would be helpful in dealing with issues pertaining to kids' behavorial development and their implications in case of behavorial problems. The course seems to treat the academic implications more in depth than other implications of behavorial problems, though.

I do, however, know that these two courses have the status of electives for a physics student. However, I can only choose one of them since I can only have one elective. Is there anyone here that even actually took any of these courses? They seem to be psychology-heavy so I wonder how hard or otherwise different these courses would be from physics courses.
I've seen you post this like three times. I don't go to your school, nor have I taken these classes, or any physics classes, but the first one looks more practical, which is what I personally, look for when choosing electives. Hopefully someone who actually knows what they're talking about can chime in

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