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05-10-2012, 04:18 PM
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I really highly doubt that the market on StubHub dips below $100. And the inventory on StubHub is irrelevant right now. So many people overprice there tickets with the intent to go unless someone bites at a crazy price.

Demand didn't really seem to cave for game 7 against the Sens IMO and this is a Saturday night.

Originally Posted by GordonGecko View Post
Don't read too much into that. If there are so many tickets listed on Saturday, then you won't be stuck at home because they're going to be available for under $100.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of brokers who own rights to seats (including apparently the majority of the West Balcony). Then you have guys with 2 or 4 seats in their accounts who may only want to go by themselves and figure they can fund their single plus beer free and clear by selling the others. Then you have people who can't afford full playoff strips and need to pay off some of the expense, and of course you have those that just bought as many ticketmaster tickets as they could get their hands on in the presale and game 7 was what they had most available.

Sure there are people who are taking the money instead of going, but it's nowhere near 3000

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