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05-10-2012, 04:43 PM
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Canada has a great roster usually (like this year also), but I don't really think that whether it's NHL playoffs ongoing or not would make that big a difference.

There are always players that are not coming (do to contract issues, injuries, personal issues, fatigue or whatever) and of course it matters also where the games are held. I take motivated not so skilled guy over the best player on the world which doesn't give a crap. Forcing to come is not the way to go, since if you don't want to play, some other player does.
Even if NHL playoffs would have ended there is always guys which are not going.

That being said, I love to see the big names competing so of course I would like that the best possible team is playing. Canada has the widest pool to take players from so it's hampered the least of all countries due to players not coming.

What comes to "fluke win", it's hardly ever that. Of course you need some luck, but that's life and usually you create your own.

Finns don't have that much of goal scoring talent (if not counting Selšnne) when it comes to best players. Luckily It's a team sport and not a Talent contest. We had good enough players last year to win (and it shows that it's more important to be creative player in little lesser league (KHL) than third-fourth line guy in the NHL). Since about half of our players in the NHL are goalies .

What comes to attendance, it's direct correlation of ticket prices. Six-seven years ago it was about 60 euros for two tickets for preliminary round game Canada-Sweden, not it costs about 100 euros/person to see some France-Canada game.

It shows that there were about 3000 extra tickets sold against France when the price was better (160 euros/four seats for families) after ticket prices where critisized heavily.

Helluwa game tomorrow, hoping for a good fight and that Canada players wake up to give some decent resistance .

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