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Originally Posted by Mestaruus View Post
I think you completely misunderstood. I'm not talking about Finland choosing an opponent, but the opposite. We aren't in control of anything else but winning the group and the rest is up to the other countries because of the schedule. Even if we win the group it doesn't guarantee that we miss Canada.
No, I didn't. It doesn't matter whether we were in a position to "control" the situation or not. Jalonen does not play to lose, no matter what it means for the QF. And therefore it doesn't matter if we give that chance to any of the other teams either.

Finland gets to pick, wins regardless -> gets to play tougher opposition.
Somebody else gets to pick, loses on purpose -> Finland gets to play tougher opposition.

See? Doesn't matter a flying bang whether we or somebody else are in control. What does matter however, is the extra day of rest granted to us by whoever designed the schedule.

Besides, if you look at the current situation in group H and what's happening with not just Switzerland and USA, but also Slovakia and who they will play, there's actually a fair chance that USA-SUI will be classic "do or die" game where the winner will enter the top 8 and loser is fifth in group.

So simply put: you're seeing ghosts in a place where there is none.

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