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11-24-2003, 08:22 AM
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I just got back from E town and I will echo NWT's comments. I wish you could have all been there, it was an incredible experience.

I think the fact that it was so cold was part of the fun. Defying the elements along with the players just like we all have done on frozen ponds was a unifying factor. Oiler fans were great hosts to the Hab fans they usually love to hate, because we were all braving the -20 together for 7 hours.

I don't know if you could hear on TV, but the crowd's thunderous sing-a-long to Oh Canada caused me to get goosebumps. Despite the nay sayers (Sour Graping TO journalists like Damion Cox and Bob McKeown) it was really a celebration of hockey and being Canadian. I really think the cold temperatures amplified that.

As far as seeing the game from the stands, I was in the 65th row, off to the side, and I could see everything. Binoculars helped at times but weren't necessary.

You guys probably didn't see it on HNIC, but the biggest roar from the crowd, aside from when Gretzky was introduced, was the streaker. This joker runs out onto the field adjacent to the ice wearing only a t-shirt and one sock. Security couldn't catch the guy, and it was like Keystone Kops or a Benny Hill episode as he eluded them by jumping back and forth over a row of billboards that were about a 2 meters high. It was hilarious.

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