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05-10-2012, 10:38 PM
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being from Canada, and I can honestly say that I have never watched a KHL game, I both want the KHL to suceed but I have an obvious bias towards the NHL and therefore, want it to be the best league in the world. I want the KHL to suceed because I like the idea that hockey could spread to other countries and produce more competitive national teams. So when I watch the Olympic its just not Canada,Russia, Sweden, Finland,Czech's and the US that have a shot at the gold, I obviously want Canada to win, but I just want to see hockey grow, like I think it would be cool to see other countries play at a more competitive level. With that said I never really considered the national leagues of countries, because frankly, North America really doesn't have national leagues, with the exception with the NFL and CFL. I think it is interesting that many that have posted that actaully the KHL would ruin nation leagues and thus dilute talent further. Even though Canada and the US are two different places one thing we share is top-end sports leagues, so I guess I find it hard to see the arguement for the need to protect a domestic league.
I guess I want the NHL to be the best league, just because it has had such a history, players who play hockey in Canada want to win the Stanley Cup, they don't want to play in Europe ideally. But likewise I think Canadian soccer players want to play in Europe, because they see it as the best league's. Having one league that is elite IMO is good because thats the ulitimate goal for players, to play in the best league in the world, to truely know your among elite hockey players, that is my reasoning to see the NHL as the best league as poor as it may be,
Also I think the KHL needs be more like a buiness, and more self sustaining, thats just IMO
And to end this rant, the NHL does have acdemics, there are lots of players that come out of the NCAA, each year, the OHL has to compete and vice versa to try and convince players what the best route is, and the NCAA sale is "well if you dont make a pro team, at least you have your education" ie you have a backup plan,

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