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05-10-2012, 10:15 PM
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It looks like the OP is right. Though there are lots of different bookies, nearly all seem to agree on roughly 2:1 odds for the Kings:

That's a little surprising. I wouldn't have expected that, especially since the Kings started out the playoffs with, I think, 36:1 odds. I guess that one team has to have the better odds, though, and the Kings are as good of a bet as anyone.

As nevermore said, though, we'll see how the Rangers stack up if they manage to beat the Capitals on Saturday. Surely, the fact that they're 1 game away from elimination is impacting their odds at the moment. When the final four teams are determined, though, the odds will be a little more interesting and insightful.

Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
Everyone needs to remember that the odds change based on how much money is being bet on a team. With Las Vegas being so close to Southern California the current odds shouldn't be too shocking.

The odds for Phoenix are just a little over 3:1. How close is Vegas to Arizona? That's why.
I'm not sure that that really has much impact. The Devils have the 2nd-best odds and how far is Las Vegas from New Jersey? With the Rangers and Capitals not even guaranteed to make the semi-finals, the top 3 bets were almost sure to be some combination of LA, NJ and PHO, anyways.

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