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Originally Posted by Abooch68 View Post
hmmm and MSG provides people with these "scan reports?" Also couldn't the buyer just print out a bunch of copies and sell them to other people and the scan report will show different times of the scan and still make it meaningless?
no they do not, from what I have heard it is nearly impossible to get a scan report from MSG

and like I said, that is why a "scan report" proves nothing, but basically stubhub wants you to do some work to prove your innocence, and this is the flaw in stubhub, and this is their 1 justification for their insane fees because in cases they can not prove the seller or buyer are lying they have to play neutral and take the loss

I have had a bunch of cases where I got a chargeback as the buyers were "rejected" but in most cases I was able to get a scan report from the venues, however I heard certain venues it is nearly impossible to get them and I know MSG is one, basically they do not want to get involved in ticket scalping issues and they know if someone is asking for a scan report, it is most likely for an issue with scalping

for this reason is why I almost never buy "e-tickets" as the risk of fraud is to big, however I have heard cases where "regular" tickets also were denied, but with e-tickets it is really the honor system and anyone can be a scammer and get away with it

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