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05-10-2012, 10:55 PM
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Hey guys, love this board a lot

I used to just shoot around with my hockey friend as a kid, and now I want to get into playing hockey because I absolutely love the sport.

Now my handedness is in question, when I was smaller I shot right handed, because my friends stick was right handed (left hand holding the top), and that felt normal to me. I then played tennis for my HS team, and still played right handed, and recently tried out my friend's left handed stick, which felt really awkward shooting/passing with that left handed stick.

I know the answer should be obvious, go for the right handed stick, but I am right handed and right footed which stirs things up. To poke check with my left hand ( I assume the hand you use with a right handed stick) feels awkward and less precise to me, but feels fine with my right. Should I just switch hands when the time arises or consider shooting left. Or am I making a big deal out of nothing.

Right handed, right footed, like to shoot right. Left hand stick poking feels wierd, what do i do?

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