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05-11-2012, 12:45 AM
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Name: Tucker
Age: 23
Location: Bay Area, California
Origin of Screen Name: Initials + some random numbers

Hockey Background
Years Playing: 0
Current Team: --
Current League: --
Highest Level Played: --
Current Level: --
Position: --
Type of Player: The kind trying not to fall down
Player You Emulate: Hartnell down

Current Gear
Helmet: --
Shoulders: --
Elbows: --
Shins: --
Gloves: --
Skates: Bauer Supremes
Stick: 20$ Hespeler 5500

Hobbies: Collecting Pre-WWII Tobacco baseball cards
Movies: Most anything
Music: Most anything (though country is a bit hard for me to get into)
TV: Game of Thrones
Food: Steak
Drinks: Gentleman Jack
Hockey Team: Sharks
Hockey Player: Burns

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