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05-11-2012, 01:17 AM
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Originally Posted by JackSlater View Post
The Oilers could beat the Bruins in a single elimination tournament, or even a seven game series, but they still would not be a better team.
Shall I undestand this the way Finland is best no matter what, even if they lose?

Imo thats stupid. Paper does not weight a crap, its how they play as a team. If the team wins best of 7 playoff series clearly, its probably played better in the series. Just having better players will not automaticly make better team. Canadians should know that hockey is a team game, not 20 singularities skating around. You need to have high enough skill level but after that the games are not decided on the paper.

Its not like there's a monster drop between Canada and Finland tonight again, you just respect your players more and may not know a crap about players like Immonen, Granlund, Vehanen (backup probably tonight), Pihlström or Väänänen and then are likely to underrate them. Also sometimes players NHL career just wont kick for some reason , but they still can be on the par. They just dont get their best out of them when they get their chance in the NHL. It still doesnt every time mean they dont have the talent to be there.

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