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05-11-2012, 05:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Mestaruus View Post
I think you completely misunderstood. I'm not talking about Finland choosing an opponent, but the opposite. We aren't in control of anything else but winning the group and the rest is up to the other countries because of the schedule. Even if we win the group it doesn't guarantee that we miss Canada.

I posted this on Yle and Kaj Kunnas chose my question haha . 21:40 or so in this radio show episode:

Well JYP's coach shot it down, but still, it's possible we get screwed on this. Why Sweden gets to play on the last day and we dont as the reigning world champs. Why not the opposite. It's a bad seeding system and I don't get it. Btw I pretty much guessed Jyrki Aho was gonna answer on it like that (typical coach's answer), but it was interesting enough for them to pick that question, hence I asked it.

However one thing I like about the current overall schedule is that we've had some big games in the start of the tourney (CAN-USA), middle stage (FIN-CAN, SWE-RUS) and will have some very late too (USA-SUI). In the past WC we've had álmost all the big games at the end of the group state overlapping each other which sucked and the tournament was rather uninteresting early on excluding that 1 game in the 4 team starting group, but the middle point of the group stage was boring.
I don't think I agree with this. I tend to think that a 4 team group with 2 "good teams" is better and then a 2nd group play. Then you move on to second group play. That means you'll play against two weak nations in the beginning and then you'll bascailly only have games that count and are against good opposition. FIN were (in a matter of speaking) lucky with the group since you have CAN, USA, SVK and, to a certain extent, SUI. In SWE's group we only have RUS and CZE so it's 2 interesting games and 5 hmmmm games...

I'm watching all games anyway but I'm a hockey addict so it doesn't say very much. That said, I really really wish these group games will be over soon.

See you in the final!!! FIN-SWE, re-match, please please please.
Just for the record, I'll be in depression for a week if we lose, but I'll harass my Finnish friends for a month if we win

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