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Name: Jason
Age: 38, or 39 in about a month.
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Origin of Screen Name: iamjs. I am JS, which are my initials.

Hockey Background
Years Playing: 20, in various forms of inline, ice, and just screwing around in drop-in games while I was an unsigned free agent in the local beer leagues.
Current Team: you probably never heard of it
Current League: D upper
Highest Level Played: played A league one season. Notice that says one season. Wheels were there, but compared to the rest of the league, not much else was.
Current Level: D upper
Position: Usually LW, sometimes RW, will play C as needed.
Type of Player: used to be playmaker, then went down to faceoff specialist as I got older. LOL, not so sure now. New bunch of teammates, so I'm trying to feel out my role.
Player You Emulate: Part Mario and part Sid. I have Mario's back problems and Sid's concussion history.

Current Gear
Helmet: Reebok 8k
Shoulders: old CCMs, not even sure of the exact model. Picture it from the mid 90s.
Elbows: koho
Shins: Easton
Gloves: Easton
Skates: Easton EQ30
Stick: Easton Stealth RS Pro Stock Letang (love this stick!)
Pants: Pro Stock Gonchar. Picked them off of ebay for $50 shipped. I think they might have been Bauer, but there's no branding on the front.

Hobbies: aside from hockey-related stuff? Running, traveling (day trips, not week long vacations)
Movies: Haven't sat down to watch a movie in forever. Hollywood sucks.
Music: 90s alternative, 80s punk, electronic (drum and bass, techno, etc. Won't get too deep into sub-subgenres)
TV: this is the part where I admit to watching auction/pawn shop shows
Food: Steak or chicken.
Drinks: Trappist beers, belgian ales. Chimay, Bornem, La Fin Du Monde.
Hockey Team: Penguins
Hockey Player: Dupuis

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