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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
I don't particularly like the lines I said there, I'm just saying that's probably the closest we are going to come to having three scoring lines. I love your solution but really it comes down to your last sentence. It won't happen.
Nope . . . but Staal to wing? Nope . . . Malkin to wing? Maybe happen, but not a good idea . . . In the end, this is why Shero listens, as I keep saying. Someone offers a Richards deal + premium type of return, and Shero will move Staal. Anything short, any hedging, and Shero will hold his nose, give Staal the low 6M range it will take to sign him, and deal with the fallout later.

Originally Posted by mpp9 View Post
I don't see Shero basing his trades on making Staal's line a "scoring" line. He doesn't think that way. The best we can hope for is either keeping Staal or trading him for pieces and cap space to better surround Sid/Geno with talent and address needs on the backend.
Agreed. Just noting that, if one is dead set against moving Staal, then my approach, rather than moving Staal or Malkin to wing or running diluted lines, might be a better option.

THAT SAID, if Staal is moved for pieces and/or cap space such that Sid and Geno BOTH play with two good wingers each, then perhaps have two lines where arguably the best center in hockey has two good wingers is a tougher matchup for another team than a three center model diluted by a lack of scoring line talent on the wings (again, scoring line talent being defined, not as a guy who can pot 20 during the regular season, but a guy who can make plays by himself and otherwise contribute to a line's playoff dominance).

Plus, as I keep saying, IF Bylsma would use Sid and Geno like Sutter uses Richards and Kopitar, then that alone would go a long way towards mitigating the loss of Staal.

Funny . . . in a way, this all comes back to how Bylsma uses the pieces . . .

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