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05-11-2012, 09:25 AM
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Originally Posted by AndyPipkin View Post
I may have been in the best shape of my life but I wasn't super ripped, just had nice abs.

This might just be in my case, but once I got in really good shape it felt like everything else was less important or difficult. Just a walk in the park. If anything got bad I didn't even really care.
Thats what im working towards- life anit as bad if you have abs lol-

i also have done the 90x/insanity hibrid- i think its the best of both worlds. Ive done many beach body workouts but never really understood the eating part- Now that i understand that it is night and day with results, i finally belive that i can get abs.

Rushfit looked allright but the tapout one looks more fun to me, i think jsp bores me. But im sure they are both a hell of a work out.

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