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Originally Posted by theyankeesguy View Post
Yes I have to agree with this completely. TicketMaster completely dominates the primary market, they pretty much have a monopoly.

And dynamic pricing makes sense for the Rangers, but I didn't expect it to occur, so I guess they just do whatever the want? But GOOD, go ahead and increase the prices as you see fit to decreases the profit of those who are going to resell on SH or elsewhere. TM is still cheaper then SH as Gordon said.

On your second point, I'd have no idea personally what percent of ticketmaster primary sales make it to the secondary market, and I'm sure that is a number that ticketmaster won't release either.

I would have to imagine all of this dynamic pricing is going to !@#$% SH's profits and now that the MLB is pissed that a lot of tickets are being floored at like $5 for many games.

I really HOPE StubHub loses the MLB as a client If the MLB creates their own server to do what SH does they can control the prices and also not charge as high fees.

Why wouldn't the MLB just do this in-house if they have the resources at this point?
Don't kid yourself, those cheap prices you see are the teams listing the tickets themselves. They disguise it as fans posting tickets, as if some of those teams are actually selling all those tickets to actual fans.

When I received an email about ticketsnow I questioned my rep. Asked flat out why MSG would continue to do business with such a shady company as ticketdisaster. Pointed out some of the evidence I have found to show ticketdisaster is putting tickets on ticketsnow without making them available to the public first. It would be very easy for MSG to just sell their own tickets via their own server. Not as if they do not have the resources to build and run their own server.

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