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Your second point I agree with 100%. I wonder if MSG sees any of the additional profit if the tickets go right from TicketMaster to ticketsnow? that would be BS if MSG didn't see any of that $$$$..

and your first point, i don't get. why would the yankees/angels set prices so low themselves, and them complain about the prices? read that article if you want to make a counter arguement, it's really short, but i really don't understand why the yankees/angels would fight to increase the price of tickets on stubhub and create a price floor if they are bottoming out the tickets themselves. unless its some weird business tactic that i'm not picking up on, it doesn't really make please do explain

-the yankees would only be doing this to send a message to SH IMO but i don't get why they would do that since the contract expires at the end of the season anyway.

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Don't kid yourself, those cheap prices you see are the teams listing the tickets themselves. They disguise it as fans posting tickets, as if some of those teams are actually selling all those tickets to actual fans.

When I received an email about ticketsnow I questioned my rep. Asked flat out why MSG would continue to do business with such a shady company as ticketdisaster. Pointed out some of the evidence I have found to show ticketdisaster is putting tickets on ticketsnow without making them available to the public first. It would be very easy for MSG to just sell their own tickets via their own server. Not as if they do not have the resources to build and run their own server.

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