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Originally Posted by JTG View Post
I don't think a team will trade for him to be a 1C. I really don't. I think a team will trade for him looking for a great 2nd line center.

And don't underestimate a player's will to accept a situation he's really happy with. If Staal is really happy here, maybe he takes the 1 bird in hand when Shero offers him a contract this summer? Like I said, he'll be making about 30 million regardless, which is more than enough to set himself up for life. Re-signing this summer, yeah it'd probably cost him a lot of money, but he's also taking on risk not re-signing. We can go into the potential of injury thing, where if he gets injured next year, that hampers his ability in free agency, also, he'd have heightened expectations where ever else he goes, and he has no idea how other organizations operate, or if he'll like the other city as much as he does Pittsburgh.

I think if Shero brings a market deal to him and his agency, he signs it and doesn't ever look back. That's a smart business decision, IMO. Take what you are given, along with what you know is working for you (of course, if it is indeed working for him, which no one really knows).
I hope you're right about where Staal's 'market value' is and his willingness to accept that number. I just have my doubts about it.

I also think Toronto, for one, would trade for him to be their #1 center, Buffalo too. Others, like Carolina and Minny, might trade for him to be their #2 center but will pay him like a #1.

Originally Posted by mpp9 View Post
I see Staal being able to get 6-6.5 mil from contenders. He's not worth that to us as a 3C or winger.
Agreed, and I think more from a team like Toronto (and perhaps even more still if he stayed put and waited until July 1, 2013).

I don't know if Shero moves him. Push comes to shove and we're only talking 'fair' offers, and Shero, I think, will give him the 6M+ (my guess is 6.25M) and deal with the fallout later. BUT, he's going to listen to see if someone will give him that Richards plus a premium type of return. He gets that, and I think he moves Staal. And, I actually think he'll get it.

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