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Originally Posted by theyankeesguy View Post
Ya I guess for the Orioles they would rather unload the seats and fill the house as it will generate more revenue. Also, it would look poor for the team to sell the tickets to sell them for that low.

But if that were the case then why would a team that sells tickets for such a low price complain to StubHub? Hence, the reason why I can't imagine the Yankees filling the house. IMO I think these tickets are probably sold in packages, and having to unload them at a cost below face. This people expect to make this up in the playoffs, I assume? And people are probably buying these tickets from season ticket holders opposed to buying tickets from individual tickets cutting the Yankees sales. If this is the case, then the bottom line is that the should cut their ticket prices if no one is paying that.
Uhm, not sure what you are trying to say here. Why would the Orioles complain? I doubt they are complaining. They are probably benefitting from being able to sell on stubhub for less.

The Yankees have taken a beating with ticket sales since the new stadium opened. Everyone and their mother bought packages thinking demand would be high and they could sell games on stubhub for a profit to off-set their cost. The Yankees even use that tactic as part of their sales pitch. I know, because they call me at least 3 times a year to buy packages. The problem is when thousands of people are doing this, the increased supply drives the prices down. So, that first year fans took a beating and were giving tickets away, so did the brokers. As a result, they canceled packages. Now, the Yankees are desperate to sell.

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