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05-11-2012, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by WeridAl View Post
The stats would point other wise, Gernat is just learning the NA game and look what's he done. He could be a little more physical, but he's very good with the stick and is not one to take penalties. Morrow has had the benefit of NA coaching and training is whole life and his conditioning is used to the number of games played in the WHL, were with Gernat it was clearly not. He slow down some towards the end of the season, and he'll most likely play another year in the WHL due to this. It's close between the two now, but if Gernat had the same conditioning and another 10-20lbs, it wouldn't be close.
Go ahead and look at the stats all you want.

I don't rely on only stats to predict the players going forward. I actually watch them play. Morrow has more offensive potential than Gernat does, in my opinion.

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