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Originally Posted by Grant McCagg View Post
The only thing I'm offended by is your flawed reasoning.

The reason the Habs picked Fischer over Giroux was because of an apparent lack of size and defencemen in the organization..the reason Matt Higgins was selected over Danny Briere was because of a supposed lack of size in the organization...the reason Brent Bilodeau and Lindsay Vallis were selected ahead of much more skilled players was a supposed lack of size in the organization. The reason Marcel Hossa was selected was because of an apparent lack of size at center.....

That is perhaps the silliest reason not to pick the more skilled player in a draft...because just like Steve Yezerman or Joe Sakic TT is "only" 5-11. Go back to the Sakic draft and look at all the taller players taken ahead of him who couldn't carry his jockstrap.

TT is 17-years old is 5-11 and weighs 165 pounds - he's the youngest player in the draft. In his draft year Claude Giroux was 5-10 and about 150 pounds. He obviously did some more growing, and I would suspect TT isn't done growing yet either, even if it's muscle wise as opposed to height wise. It wouldn't surprise me if 5 years from now he's 6-0 and 180-190 pounds.

You draft a player with the thought that he will be a regular contributor in five years. DD Gionta and Plekanec all may have left the organization five years from now...who's to say the club might not be one of the largest in the league by then?

Pick the most skilled player with the most upside...period. The one thing this club, and pretty much every club for that matter, lacks is first-line forwards and even more specifically a first-line center. TT is one of the very few in this draft with that potential. He will be highly considered by the club.
There's no possible way you have a gauge on Tervainen's character? A year ago Grigorenko looked like a star after the U18 before he came to North America. Now we find out more. Kostitsyn was another drafted on his great skill alone. Later on we find out he had no win to win. Samansov had those same scouting reports on him at 17 years old.

Not accurate to compare TT to Sakic or Kane as knew they could take the physical game ans had judge of their character

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