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05-11-2012, 02:03 PM
In Dean We Trust
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Originally Posted by Hatter View Post
then you havent been lsitening
Don't get me wrong, as a member of the apologist party, I am not criticizing Dean. It is just the first time I can recall him saying that the team not meeting expectations was explicitly his fault. Perhaps you can provide me with a link or quote that says otherwise, but typically he will always say that the expectations always lies with the players and defends his coaches, staff, and himself. This is the first time I can recall where it is the other way around, where he defends his players and is critical of his staff and himself instead during a end of season interview.

Originally Posted by Buddy The Elf View Post
Yeah he has blamed himself for Cloutier, throwing Bernier to the wolves amongst others. I haven't read the article yet but he has certainly admitted mistakes in the past. Maybe just not ones that fans have been vocal about.
You are taking it too literally, I just never heard him come out and say it was entirely his fault and the player is withheld from blame. I suppose Bernier fits under that category, but Lombardi placed a lot of the blame squarely on the head of Cloutier himself. That didn't end well.

Typically, always during an end of the season interview, Dean always talks about the players taking the next step in order to meet expectations and that the coaches are on par, but this time the Kings were fine and the coaches and management were not on par. Obviously the players need to keep going and building, but it is the first time he didn't use it as his mantra.


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