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03-22-2006, 08:14 PM
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Wow, thanks!

I did see a package for Tour pads for cheap..pads, blocker, and glove. Have any experience with them? Or how bout Gear, saw those cheap and they come with a 30 satisfaction guarantee.

Yeah, should add a goalie jock...wouldn't mind that extra protection there. Dunno if I want my face to be like this if I got popped.

Well I'm not just gonna slap any cage on a helmet...looking at the Itech one that Chris Osgood uses...or if I can find the Hasek style, that'd be cool too. I play primarily in a D shots hardly ever come up above my waist so I can save a bit on the chest protector...though something in the intermediate range wouldn't hurt if I ever wound up having to play in a higher level.

I'm 6', and average build, you think 32" is the right length? I plug the numbers into a calculator thing on a site that that's what it gave me. Is it ok to get maybe an inch or two shorter for pads?

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