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05-11-2012, 02:31 PM
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Originally Posted by pucks1 View Post
Thats what im working towards- life anit as bad if you have abs lol-

i also have done the 90x/insanity hibrid- i think its the best of both worlds. Ive done many beach body workouts but never really understood the eating part- Now that i understand that it is night and day with results, i finally belive that i can get abs.

Rushfit looked allright but the tapout one looks more fun to me, i think jsp bores me. But im sure they are both a hell of a work out.
Great minds

Actually I was just talking about this with my Mom and, its like I had some concerns about my shin but only after a couple of days of working I don't even think about it. Little aches and pains, not associated with working out, are totally gone already.

Yeah Rushfit was basically GSP saying, this is what I do, follow me. Its crazy fast.

How much longer are you doing your P90X round? I'm thinking of making a P90X2 thread in the Lounge and try and get a group going.

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